We have been getting a lot of enquiries on Glow in the Dark Concrete and Cement Glow in the Dark Powder can be mixed only with clear materials, whether it is glass, plastic, paint, silicone or even rubber. Glow in the Dark materials cannot work when mixed into opaque items like colored paints, inks or cement and concrete as in this case. There are some who have tried mixing glow in the dark powder into concrete with dismal results. The amount of glow powder used to get a satisfactory glow light level was too high. Some even matched the amount of glow powder to the amount of cement or concrete used.

This resulted in a lot of glow powder pigment wastage as most of it was buried deep in the non-transparent cement or concrete. Glow in the Dark Products need light in order to charge. With Glow Powder buried deep in the non-transparent concrete, light can never reach it.

There are two methods for applying Glow in the Dark to concrete or cement and they are:

1) Painting

First method is to use glow in the dark paint. Since this is going to be used outdoors, we recommend using glow in the dark epoxy paint. First you apply the glow paint over the concrete. We recommend about 3 coats to get an evenly spread, bright glowing surface. Once this is done, apply the epoxy protector over.

2) Glow Powder Painting

Glow in the Dark Powder Painting is explained in detail here. Basically what you need to do is to sprinkle glow in the dark powder on wet cement or concrete. If it is not wet, you should spray a layer of clear paint to make the surface sticky.

Once this is done, sprinkle the glow powder over the concrete or cement surface. Once it is even, apply another layer of clear spray over. Do this a couple of times until a bright even glow in the dark surface is achieved.

Take note that as concrete and cement are usually rough, applying clear spray or epoxy would change the surface texture. This however is not a problem for most of our customers as they just want the sides of the driveway and not the whole drive way glowing in the dark. So if you were to apply glow in the dark to the sides (just like the lights on an airport runway), there should be no problem.