It is a known fact that ‘Fish’, are attracted to light and bright colors. Some of our customers, who are avid fisherman, told us that by adding bright colors with a dash of glow paint in certain parts of their fishing lure or tackle, increases their chances of fish taking the bait.

Secret to creating a good fish bait is by trying to imitate how a real fish appears in the day and in the night. In the day, most fish appear brightly and randomly colored. In the night, certain areas of the fish scales either reflect light or glow in the dark.

When purchasing fishing lures, baits or tackles, try to get ones that are already brightly colored. Getting fishing baits that are flexible as opposed to ones that are hard, does help. If the fishing tackles or lures are not brightly colored, you might have to do a little touch up by adding colors here and there. You can use the pictures above as a guideline. Try to use solvent based paints as they tend to be more water resistant. When using glow in the dark paints on fishing lures, the same rules apply as with painting on any other surface.

You can create your own glow fishing lures by purchasing normal lures and re-painting them with our glow in the dark paint or direct glow powdering technique.

First, prime the surface with a white background. Once dry, apply the glow paint over it either by spraying or brush painting. The whole fishing lure does not have to glow, only certain areas does.

Best glow in the dark paint to use for fishing tackles and lures would be glow paints in the Ultra Green or Ultra Blue Range. You can also use glow paints in other colors. These paints might not glow as bright as those in the ultra range, but using a mini UV light to charge up the glow on these fishing tackles, just before fishing, would solve the problem.