We have received a number of enquiries on making glow in the dark glass and mugs and as to whether these could be used as regular glass for drinking and art decoration. We hope to answer as many questions as we can in this document.

Up till now, our engineers are facing the same problem of incorporating glow in the dark powder directly into glass. Reason is because of the high melting point of glass which is usually around 3000 degrees centigrade. Glow in the dark powder can only withstand temperatures of about 1400 degrees centigrade. Anything above this and the powder burns into brown lumps and becomes useless.

This does not mean that we cannot produce glowing glass. It just means that direct mixing of glow powder, during the glass manufacturing process, is rather difficult, but possible. The secret lies in knowing exactly when to add the glow powder into the glass mixture without burning the powder and this requires a lot of skill and experience.

Besides direct mixing of glow powder into glass during the manufacturing process of glass, there are other ways to make glass glow in the dark. One way would be by using Plastic Masterbatch Pellets, instead of Glow Powder. Reason is because since plastic pellets are actually glow powder encased in plastic, this makes it have a higher temperature threshold than glow powder. Another reason is that pellets having a higher density then glow powder, is able to descend into the slightly hardened glass mixture more easily than glow powder itself.

The last method of producing glow glass is glass painting. Using our glow in the dark spray paint, anyone can do this. You can even have these glow in different colors by purchasing glow paints in different colors and applying it by brush or spray.

Now we come to the safety issue. If the process of adding glow powder to glass is done during the manufacturing process, the glass is safe because the powder is in the glass mixture. If the glass is painted, then it’s safety depends on where the glow paint was applied. As long as the paint is applied on the exterior of the glass and not the interior, it is perfectly safe for normal use like drinking. You can also apply the paint on the bottom of the glass as shown in the photo below.

Glow in the Dark Glass

Glow in the dark glasses are attractive and make great center pieces in clubs, homes or parties. Safety concern comes in only when you intend to use these glass products for drinking. If it were to be used as a centre piece or for display purposes, glow glass products are 100% safe. It is also safe for drinking from as long as the paint is applied on the external areas of the glass.

We do carry sets of pre-made glowing glasses for decorations. We can also manufacture glowing glassware’s according to your requirements. If you are interested, do send us an email and we would get in touch with you.