Pre-Mixed Glow Paint

Glow in the dark paint is produced by mixing glow powder, mixed together with suitable clear paints and anti-settling agents. Sounds simple, but finding the correct paint with the right viscosity can be quite a problem.

After years of experimentation, we have developed a high quality glow paint which has a shelf life of more than 2 years. This is a solvent based paint which adheres well onto most surfaces. Methods of application can be by brush or spray painting. We even sell this in ready packed spray canisters. Our paints are sold pre-mixed. No further mixing is necessary.

Un-Mixed Glow Paint

You also have the option of just ordering the powder and mixing it with any clear paint but be prepared for a product that has a very short shelf life.

Glow powder consists of crystal like particles which cannot be dissolved. While it can be mixed into most clear paints, the powder particles stay suspended in the solution. Since these glow powder particles are usually more dense than the clear paints it is mixed into, these particles descend down to the bottom over time. Time it takes to descend can be anywhere between 1 hour to a few days. This depends on the viscosity of the paint used.

Only way to prevent this would be by constant stirring to slow down the rate of descend. If left unchecked, the powder would descend down to the bottom and harden, rendering the paint useless. Re-stirring again would result in lumps of glow particles in the paint. This can be used to mix and use the paint within hours.

If you need to store the paint overnight, you would need to add an Anti-Settling Agent to the mix. Adding this agent helps prolong the shelf life of the mixed paint for weeks. Now you can mix Glow in the Dark Powder with any clear or transparent acrylic based medium and store it for weeks. This is still experimental, Contact Us for more details.

Glow in the Dark Inks

Paints are used for brush and spray painting. Inks are used for printing. We have glow in the dark inks for silk screen, offset, metal and flexo. More info on our Glow in the dark Inks is available here.


Though Clear Paints are used in the mixture, once the glow powder is added in, the mixture takes on the color of the powder and it is no longer clear, but translucent. View our range of Glow in the Dark Paints and Inks.