Glow in the Dark Car Paint

Whether it is a brand new vehicle or the first one you own, it is your pride and joy and you want it to stand out in a crowd or just show some cool creative stuff you have done on it. One of the best ways would be to add glow in the dark effects and over here, we give you a few pointers on how this can be done..

Glow Car Painting

First idea that would come to mind is to paint the whole car in glow in the dark paint. While that could certainly make your car stand out in the dark, it becomes nothing but just a plain glowing car. Nothing creative here.

What could be done to improve on this would be to paint some designs, logos or use decals that glow in the dark. Modern Image is a company which does some great designs on car decals. Incorporating glow in the dark technology into it would mean adding Glow in the Dark Powder, into regular clear silk screen inks or paints.

While we do carry pre-mixed glow in the dark paints, these are meant for general purpose painting. If you intend to use these on cars or other vehicles, it is advisable to either apply a base coat first, or approach an expert on vehicle paints like Automotive Touch up. Remember to refer to Glow in the Dark painting tips, to get the most out of your painting.

Other ways to decorate your car would be to use Glow in the Dark Stickers. These are made from soft PVC, come with adhesive backing and can glow in the dark for hours. Glow Stickers can be cut into strips or shapes of any kind and pasted on most surfaces. It can be cut into strips and stuck as a border around the car. Stick it on the rims to create a whirling effect when you drive. You could also print designs, logos or warning signs, on glow sticker and place it on the wind shield, dashboard, etc… Companies can also use this technology on their vehicles, by using Glow in the Dark, for the Company Name or Logo. One good thing about using glow stickers is that if you are tired of it, just peel it off.

Glow in the Dark technology can be applied in many ways. If you have already used glow in the dark effects on your car or have some ideas on how it could be used, don’t hesitate to send them to us.