Night Sky filled with Glowing Stars

Transform any ordinary ceiling into a Night Sky filled with glow in the dark stars. Sounds impossible, but there is a product which can help you do just this.

Glowing Night Sky Star Kit

The NightSky illusion kit contains all the tools needed to enable anyone to paint Realistic looking stars on any ceiling in just a matter of hours.

We have come across articles which talk about using sponges, brushes and broomsticks and bending bristles in an angle to get the stars on your ceiling. Well, we believe this is what your child learnt in art class. This is kids play. The most you can get out of this would be some blobs of paint which hardly look like a star.

The NightSky illusion kit uses a special tool to produce each star in 3D and not just a blob you would get from using brushes. Click here for more details on the Glow Star Creator – NightSky Illusion kit. lowing Galaxy Sticker Stencil Kit

Next would be the Galaxy Sticker Stencil Kit. This kit enhances your NightSky with glowing designs of planets, rockets, space shuttles and shooting stars. First it is the NightSky. With this kit, it is the universe.

The Galaxy Sticker Stencil Kit uses stickers as a stencil only. After painting, the stencil is removed, leaving behind a neat painting of a complex design.

These stencils are unlike what you can find in your neighbourhood store. Those were created with normal painting in mind. Our stencils are created with glow painting in mind. Click here for more details on the Glow Star Creator – Universe Sticker Stencil Kit.

Star Painting Business Opportunity

Both these kits teach you how to paint realistic looking stars and complex galaxy designs that glow in the dark. Once you have mastered this, you should be able to offer this service to others.

The Night Sky kit contains all the tools and instructions needed to paint realistic looking glowing stars and constellations, on any ceiling. To continue painting, all you need to do is to order extra glow paint from us. You already have all the necessary tools and knowledge, so there is no need to order the NightSky Basic kit again.

The Galaxy Sticker Stencil kit enables you to paint complex galaxy designs like shooting stars, comets, planets, space shuttles and more… Each design can only be used once. To continue doing this for others, you would have to re-order the Galaxy Sticker Stencil Kit.

Occasionally, we do get requests from clients who just want their ceilings painted and have no wish to order our kits and do it themselves. In such cases, we have passed contact details of our customers (with their permission), to these clients.

We only recommend our customers who have placed large orders for either of these kits, as we consider them serious, dedicated and armed with the proper skills and knowledge, to do this business. Customers who submit photographs of their finished work, would have their photos and contact details displayed on this site.

Remember, we are talking about painting Realistic Looking Stars, Constellations and other designs of the Universe. You can never get the same effect by using brushes and cheap stencils from your neighbourhood store.