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Other glow in the dark products

Ceramic Glaze

This product is suitable for use as glaze and applied on ceramic tiles to create glow in the dark designs. See photo on the right. Follow this link for more details on glow ceramic glaze.

Glow Stickers / Glow Board

Made from flexible vinyl, this material can be cut into any shape and size to create instant glow in the dark shapes. Glow Board is made from hard PVC plastic and is rigid. A great product for use as glowsigns Both products can be written on with a marker. Silk screen printing is also possible. Follow this link for more details on glow sticker or glow board.

Glow Reflective Tape

This product is a combination of our glow stickers and reflective tape. Glow reflective tape not only glows, it also reflects light. Used mainly for safety purposes, this product can be sewn on clothes or stuck on any surface (indoor or out). Follow this link for more details on glow reflective tape.

Glow in the Dark Paper

This is a high quality inkjet photo paper that glows in the dark. One of our more popular products, this product can be used in any common inkjet printer. Print your designs, photos and more in full color and watch it glow in the dark for hours. Follow this link for more details on glow photo paper.

Glow Plastic Master Batch Pellets

This product is meant for plastic injection molding purposes. Instead of using the glow powder and mixing in into plastic and then molding, you can use these pellets and melt and mold straight away. Available in a variety of plastic types like PE, PVC, ABS and so on. Follow this link for more details on glow plastic masterbatch

Glow Thread / Glow Fibre

Glow thread can be used for stitching or embroidery. Glow fibre can be used for weaving into cloth, carpets and ropes. Follow this link for more details on glow thread / glow fibre

Ultra Violet (UV) Powder

Powder that glows in vivid colors when exposed to UV black lights. Under normal lights, these powders remain white. Mainly used for identification and security coding purposes. Follow this link for more details on UV Light sensitive powder

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