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PLC deals in a wide variety of pre-mixed glow paints and inks. Glow Paint is meant for brush and spray painting, while Glow Inks are meant for silk screen printing and offset printing.

Shown below are some of the types of Glow in the Dark Paint and Glow Printing Inks we deal in.

Cat's Eye Glow Paint

This product comes in three sizes:
15ml (0.5 fl.oz), 30ml (1 fl.oz) and 60ml (2 fl.oz)
If you are looking for small samples of glow paint to test and experiment with, this is for you. Available only in Ultra Green color.

Glow in the dark spray paint.

This product comes in an aerosal spray can. To use, just shake the can and spray on any surface and it will glow in the dark for hours!

Glow in the dark paint

This product comes pre-mixed with solvent based mediums. Glow paint in these sizes, come in different colors. Glow in the dark paint is only meant for brush painting, sponging or spray painting. Glow paint in this range are available in the following sizes of:

Glow in the Dark Inks

This product is meant for glow in the dark printing. Inks are divided according to the application and surface. We have different inks for silkscreen printing and offset printing. For each printing method, we have specific glow inks meant for specific materials like paper, plastic, and so on... Glow in the Dark Inks come pre-mixed and can be used straight out of the container.

Glow Inks
pre-mixed glow paint
NightSky Star Illusion Ink

Specially formulated ink for painting glowing stars on your ceiling. This ink is meant for those who purchased the NightSky Basic Illusion Kit. You would need the tools in this kit to paint the stars and constellations.

Night Sky Star Ink

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