Glow in the dark products like glow powder, paint or even stickers, is widely used for safety enhancements in and around the house. There are a number of areas where glow technology can be applied effectively.

Try to imagine being in a situation where there is a sudden power failure and everything is in darkness. If you had glow signs and glow pathway guides placed around your house, it would help reduce the initial shock and help you get organized a lot faster. Over here, we would show you how you can create your own safety signs and make your own route markers using some of our products.

Creating your own glow safety signs like Arrows, EXIT and other signs is quite simple:

Things you would need are some dark colored paper or sticker which can easily be cut, glow in the dark stickers and some glue.

1) Cut the dark colored paper or sticker into your required shapes. It could be arrows or letters. You could also design these letters or shapes in your computer and print them out in black or any other dark color. Once this is done, cut out that shape neatly.

2) Next you would need some glow sticker or glow board to be used as a backing. You can get these online.

3) Cut the glow sticker or glow board to the required size. Glow stickers can be cut with a pair of scissors or penknife. Glow boards can be sawn.

4) After cutting the glow sticker or board to the sign’s required size, stick the colored shape onto it. For a better finish, laminate the whole thing.

5) Expose it to light and then bring it in the dark. You now have a glow in the dark sign in your hands.

6) Repeat the same process and soon your house would be safe from the dark with all these glowing signs.

Creating Route Markers and Path Way Guides

1) Cut the glow stickers into strips of 1″ (2.5cm) to 2″ (5 cm).

2) Stick these along pathways, steps, railings, around lamp posts or trees and many more.

3) You instantly have Route Markers and Path Way Guides.

4) Best product for this would be the Glow Reflective Tape.

We hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions or would like to add some tips and tricks, send us an email.