Building a tabletop fountain that glows can be as simple as putting some glow powder or glow sand and a small pump into a container with water. It does not have to be expensive or fancy. We do not recommend doing this in fish tanks with live fishes.

Materials Needed:

1 A waterproof container or bowl of proper depth. Choose a container between 20 to 40 cm across in diameter and depth of at least 15cm. The water has to cover the pump; otherwise, the pump will burn out. To enjoy the best effects, the container should be clear. Use clear glass or plastic containers for this.

2. A small water pump. Fish tank pumps are fine. The smallest ones work well for the typical size containers. Some shops supply suction cups with water pumps. Both the pump and tubing can be found at an aquarium, hardware, or garden supply store. To straighten the hose, boil it in water for a while.

4. Glow in the dark sand or pellets. Glow in the dark items which are light enough to be blown by pumps but not small enough to be sucked in or clog the pumps.

3. Rocks; pebbles, slate, crystals, semi-precious stones, drift wood pieces, shells, anything that goes in water can be used. Each item can have a special meaning, thus adding to the individuality of your fountain.

4. Plants add greenery to your tabletop fountain. Use glow in the dark rocks to line your fountain.

5. A UV (Black Light). This can also be a battery operated one. This is required to provide a fast charge for your glow in the dark materials.


1. Place the decorative slate or tile on the table. Place the bowl on the slate or tile.

2. Place the pump at the bottom of the bowl, taking care to see the cord is draped to the back of the container. Use suction cups to make the pump stick to the bottom of the container. Add tap water to more than cover the intake value [5cm minimum]. Plug the pump into the electric outlet. (It is advisable to test out the pump in a bucket or sink before placing it in the container.) Unplug the pump to adjust the water flow, if needed.

3. Cut the tubing length to fit your container and design. Fit one end of the tubing to the pump spout. Place larger rocks to cover the pump and fill the bottom of the container.

4. Arrange the smaller rocks and tiles /slate /driftwood by stacking them so as to create a diverse and irregular path for the water flow.

5. Place figurines, plant cuttings, ivy, tiles to hide the tubing and electric cord.

6. Place the painted glow in the dark rocks and glow in the dark figurines (inside tiny clear glass jars, such as baby food jars) interestingly to provide glow accents to the fountain when the room is dark.

8. Add in the glow in the dark sand or pellets.

9. Charge your glow in the dark fountain with the UV light.

9. Plug in the pump, switch it on; adjust the water volume and stones as needed to produce the sound that appeals most to your ears and relax. If the pump gets clogged, use larger glow particles for the sand or or a pump with a smaller filter.