We carry a wide range of glow in the dark products as displayed on the right. Choosing the right product for your application can sometimes be confusing. Here we try to explain more about each product and suitable methods and areas of application for each product.

Glow in the Dark Powder

Comes in small crystal like powder particles. Particle size ranges from 10 ~ 80 microns. Theoretically speaking, the larger the particle size, the longer and brighter the glow. Not always the case as glowing brightness also depends on the grade of the glow powder.

Glow in the Dark Powder

This is the main ingredient used in the manufacture of all glow in the dark products. Technical expertise is required for using this product, to manufacture other glow products like paint, glass, plastic, thread, paper and so on. If your interest is in the development of any of the above mentioned products, we have already done the hardest part, i.e. incorporating glow powder into it and developing specific glow products.

Non technical applications or areas where glow in the dark powder can easily be used in would be paint, silk screen printing inks, silicone, gel, candle wax and other similar substance.

Main things to remember when adding glow powder into other mediums is that the medium must be Clear or Transparent and it must be thick enough to sustain the glow powder particles. Bear in mind that once you add glow powder into other Clear Mediums, that mixture is no longer clear but takes on the body color of the glow powder.