The PSPA is the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association . Members share the objectives of promoting the use of quality photoluminescent products and materials in safety applications and setting, monitoring and maintaining quality standards.

The PSPA has developed a classification system for photo luminescent products and materials. This classification is used to determine the subsequent application of products in escape route marking systems.

The PSPA Classification of products is based on the time it takes for that product’s luminance to reach a low of 0.3 mcd/m2

Classification is as follows:

Class10 Minutes60 MinutesTime to reach
0.3 mcd/m2
Class III8.5 mcd/m20.5 mcd/m2> 80 minutes
Class II12.5 mcd/m21.2 mcd/m2> 170 minutes
Class I17 mcd/m21.7 mcd/m2> 240 minutes
Class A23 mcd/m23 mcd/m2> 450 minutes

As a result of innovative new pigments being introduced and processed, three further classifications were proposed for materials that are currently available in the market. These materials all exceed Class I performance and are hence considered special cases of this class and are as follows:-

Class10 Minutes60 MinutesTime to reach
0.3 mcd/m2
Class B50 mcd/m27 mcd/m2> 900 minutes
Class C140 mcd/m220 mcd/m2> 1800 minutes
Class D260 mcd/m235 mcd/m2> 2000 minutes

Our products are classified according to Grade and is as follows, with reference to the PSPA rating:

  • Low Glow – Class A
  • Mid Glow – Class B
  • High Glow – Class C
  • Super High Glow – Class D