Photographic quality paper that glows in the dark.

Imagine walking into a dimly lit club or pub, where the waitress hands out a menu that glows in the dark. Look around and you find signs and photographs pasted all over, glowing brightly in the dark.

This is possible now with the introduction of a new product called Glow in the Dark Photographic Paper.

This product is similar to the glow stickers, except that it is coated with Gelatin to allow it to be used in any ordinary inkjet printer. That’s right, Glow Photo Paper can be used in that Epson or Canon inkjet photo printer you have in your home or office.

No need to look for an offset or silk screen printing company anymore, as in the case of glow stickers. Most printing companies also require a minimum order quantity. So if you wanted a glow in the dark framed up copy of your loved ones, you would have to print a minimum of at least 500 pieces. Now with glow in the dark photo paper, you print as many or as little as you want.

Glow Photo Paper is popular among those in the arts and crafts industry and among graphic designers. One of our biggest customers for this product is a school dealing in fine arts.

Glow in the dark technology evolved way back in the 60’s. Back then it was a product which could hardly glow for 15 minutes and was made from “zinc sulfide” a slightly toxic material. Glow in the dark products can now hold their glow for hours and are manufactured with different materials. Key compund is “Alkaline Aluminate”. This is a non-toxic, non radio-active product and can safely be used anywhere.

Creativity with this product is limitless. Create photo albums that glow in the dark. Create Glow in the Dark Christmas Cards, BirthDay Cards, full color photographs, signs and more.. All in the comfort of your home.

Glow in the Dark Photo Paper is sold in sheets of 1 square meter. We can cut this into any required size like (A4, A3 or letter). Glow paper comes in 3 different grades of Low glow (4 hours), Mid glow ( 7 hours) and High glow (10 hours). Glow Paper, can be purchased Retail (1 square meter) online at Glowinfo or Wholesale ( 5 square meters) at Glo-Net.