How bright are glow in the dark products like glow paint and glow powder?

These are some of the common questions we face. Brightness of any product, whether it is glow powder, a light stick, or even a light diode is measured in mcd/m2.

However, using this to rate the brightness of glow powder is a little misleading because the brightness of glow powder can descend quite quickly as shown in the graph below. Instead of mcd/m2, we prefer to state the number of hours our products can glow as that is more practical when dealing with glow in the dark products and it is also easily understood among our customers.

We are aware of other companies using mcd/m2 to back up their claims of having the brightest glow pigment in the market. Some even claim that their glow powder has an initial brightness of around 25,000 mcd/m2. Either they are using some super sensitive equipment to test their powder or this is a downright lie. We believe they are lying because at that rating, their product is even brighter than chemical light sticks and LEDs’. There is no glow product in todays market, that is brighter than light sticks or LED’s and there never can be. This is like comparing a solar panel to an electrical generator and saying that the solar panel generates more current.

The brightest glow in the dark powder in the market is still rated below 10,000mcd/m2. If others claim to have powders brighter than this, order a pack from them and run your own tests, with our brightest powder. If theirs is truly brighter, return our pack to us and we would give you a full refund (shipping charges included). To order a sample of our brightest glow powder, send us an email.

However, before you order anything from other companies, be sure to check their Return Policy. Some companies do not entertain returns or offer any refunds on goods sold.

It is quite sad that these companies resort to such tactics to deceive innocent people. This is why we always prefer to grade our products by the number of hours it glows and not some mcd/m2 rating because it can be easily manipulated to deceive and normal customers do not have any way of testing.